Epic Rock Pack

Epic Rock Pack


Epic Rock Pack is fully charged with driving energy! It consists of three powerful background rock music tracks (and their versions). This upbeat and epic hard rock music will be good as a background in a different kind of commercial projects, background soundtracks, action videos, extreme sports, advertising, video game music, game trailer, teaser, movie trailer, promo, podcast and much more.

1. Epic Rock Trailer (3 versions):
Epic Rock Trailer is a wild and aggressive cinematic rock trailer. It’s a great background music for a game trailer, action shooter, blockbuster movie, film teaser, movie trailer, sport videos, YouTube videos, action ads, advertising, commercials, extreme sports, workout, promo and more.

Instruments: drum set, synth sub bass, overdrive bass guitar, electric distortion guitars, synth pads, synth strings.

Versions Included:
1. Epic Rock Trailer – 1:13.
2. Epic Rock Trailer Short – 0:50.
3. Epic Rock Trailer Short 2 – 0:30.

2. Metal Rock Aggressive (4 Versions):
Metal Rock Aggressive is an aggressive and powerful, driving track, with mad guitar riffs, overdrive bass, drums and synth pads. It’s a perfect background music for any action project, such as: blockbuster movies, shooter games, action games, extreme sports videos and more!

Genre: energy rock, alternative rock, metal rock, gaming rock, riff rock, hard rock, extreme sports rock, background music rock, instrumental rock, action rock, aggressive rock, commercial rock.

Versions Included:
1. Metal Rock Aggressive – 2:11.
2. Metal Rock Aggressive Short – 1:29.
3. Metal Rock Aggressive Loop – 0:42.
4. Metal Rock Aggressive Loop 2 – 0:08.

3. Hard Rock Action (5 versions):
This is a strong and heavy Hard Rock Action track with crazy overdrive guitars. Dark bass guitar makes it more powerful, and drums with reverb bring more space to it. Excellent for action, extreme sports videos, video games, backgrounds, YouTube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and other action visuals. It’ll make your projects even better!

Versions included:
1. Hard Rock Action – 2:13.
2. Hard Rock Action Short – 0:53.
3. Hard Rock Action Loop – 0:40.
4. Hard Rock Action Loop 2 – 0:20.
5. Hard Rock Action Loop 3 – 0:20.

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