Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Pack

Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Pack

Epic hybrid cinematic rock \ metal trailers pack with 3 powerful vibes for extreme projects, dynamic game or video.
It engage audience with it’s massive energetic feel, strong and powerful atmosphere and extreme action vibe.
Cinematic trailer buildups, huge wall-of-sound rock guitars, orchestral cinematic strings and choir, modern synthesizers and punchy beat creates energetic tension and exciting vibes.
This music pack will really set the tone for any intense videos or extreme movies.

Track Mood & Features

Mood: both sounds hard and heavy, energetic music, powerful and exciting.
Features: cinematic trailer buildup, massive rock guitars, strings and choir, synths and thrilling atmosphere.

‘Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Pack’ Suited For…

Intense and energetic theme, this could provide a great backing track for a wide range of project work including:
  • Epic battle \ fighting opener
  • Thriller intro
  • Youtube extreme sports stings
  • Dynamic games
  • Powerful commercials
  • Epic tension movies and much more!

‘Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Pack’ item includes:

  1. Epic Powerful Rock Trailer
    • Epic Powerful Rock Trailer – 2:51
    • Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Trailer Build Up – 0:44
    • Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Minute Mix – 1:03
    • Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Short Mix – 0:36
    • Epic Powerful Rock Trailer Loop – 0:17

  2. Epic Metal Tension Trailer
    • Epic Metal Tension Trailer – 2:38
    • Epic Metal Tension Trailer Trailer Build Up – 0:58
    • Epic Metal Tension Trailer Minute Mix – 1:05
    • Epic Metal Tension Trailer Short Mix – 0:36
    • Epic Metal Tension Trailer Loop – 0:16

  3. Epic Heroic Rock Trailer
    • Epic Heroic Rock Trailer – 2:38
    • Epic Heroic Rock Trailer Trailer Build Up – 0:47
    • Epic Heroic Rock Trailer Minute Mix – 1:10
    • Epic Heroic Rock Trailer Short Mix – 0:39
    • Epic Heroic Rock Trailer Loop – 0:16