Epic Piano Strings Kit

Epic Piano Strings Kit

Epic Piano Strings this is a modern orchestral track in the cinematic style. Pleasant light piano and powerful percussion. Inspiring strings and brass. Motivating track is created to inspire. For your best video projects. Orchestral background music.

This music kit is made on the basis of my track “Epic Piano Strings

Included demo version:

  • Demo_01 (2:09)
  • Demo_02 (0:43)

Included Song Sections:

  • 01_Entrance (0:02)
  • 02_Intro (0:16)
  • 03_Break (0:02)
  • 04_Verse (0:16)
  • 05_PreChorus (0:16)
  • 06_Chorus (0:16)
  • 07_Bridge (0:16)
  • 08_Break02 (0:02)
  • 09_PreChorus02 (0:16)
  • 10_Chorus02 (0:16)
  • 11_Ending (0:06)
  • 12_Bonus_Transition01 (0:08)
  • 13_Bonus_Transition02 (0:08)
  • 14_Bonus_Transition03 (0:08)
VideoHive Artists! Your free to use any of my tracks, just let me know and I’ll paste a link to the video you use it in.

If you need any changes or have trouble with purchase please feel free to contact me: flystudioproductions@gmail.com