Epic Piano Pack

Epic Piano Pack

Epic Piano Pack is a collection of 4 epic and inspiring tracks featuring piano, strings and percussion.

Perfect for trailers, advertisements, inspirational videos, teaser promotions and more!

1. Epic Piano (2:35)

This track includes 4 versions in zip file:

Epic Piano Full – 2:35

Epic Piano Short 1 – 0:58

Epic Piano Short 2 – 0:58

Epic Piano Short 3 – 1:14

2. Cinematic Epic (2:14)

3. Epic Film (3:10)

File included 4 versions (Wav+mp3):

Epic Film Full – 3:10

Epic Film Short 1 – 1:10

Epic Film Short 2 – 1:37

Epic Film Teaser – 0:51

4. Cinematic Inspiring Trailer (2:32)

File included 4 versions (Wav+mp3):

Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Full (version 1) – 2:32

Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Full (version 2) – 2:32

Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Short – 1:25

Cinematic Inspiring Trailer Teaser – 0:44


Also could work with narration background, motivational inspiring videos, epic pranks videos, digital marketing, corporate presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, gaming videos, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, YouTube videos and so much more!

As well as in both wavand mp3 formats!

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You are welcome to use any of our preview tracks in your videos as long as you link back to the original track on AudioJungle. Just send us a message if you do, and we’ll happily exchange links. Plus, we’d love to see what you do with the music.