Epic Piano Pack

Epic Piano Pack

Beautiful, motivational, uplifting epical compositions bring confidence, elation, energy . Perfect for inspiring and hopeful moments, wedding video and slideshows, various festivals, awarding, honoring athletes, solemn moments of sport. Good for historical films, adventure films, movies about superheroes, intros, games, military and patriotic slideshow, projects, movies and documentaries. Also it can be used as a background for beautiful, powerful and emotional videos, trailers, sport visuals, scores, titles, teasers, titres and many other projects!
Epic Piano Pack tracks are positive, impressive cinematic songs played by piano, orchestral strings and cellos, brasses, dramatic drums.

Zip contains wav and mp3 files.

1. Beautiful Epics

Epic Full – 2:27
Epic Medium – 1:41
Epic Medium else – 1:30
Epic Short – 1:05
Epic Short else– 0:34

2.  Epic Piano

Epic Full – 1:59
Epic Medium – 1:35
Epic Medium else – 1:05
Epic Short – 0:32

3 .  Inspirational Epics

Epic Full – 2:21
Epic Medium – 1:28
Epic Medium else – 1:01
Epic Short – 0:34
Epic Short else – 0:34

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