Epic Pack

Epic Pack

01. Epic

Classical epic. Beautiful cinematic inspiring track. Great for any action inspirational video projects, trailers, teasers, advertising etc. Gentle piano with staccato violins supporting by powerful legato strings section, brass, cymbals, percussion and low taiko drum.
  • The original item is here: Epic
Versions included in the archive::
  1. Epic (Main Version) – 2:09 [ 1st in the preview]
  2. Epic (Lite Version) – 1:15 [ 2nd in the preview]

02. Epic Percussion

Powerful and bouncy epic drums and percussion music track. Perfect for videos about battle, war, heroic and epic scenes, fantasy and fantastic movies, diy video, modern percussion slideshow and percussion fast titles. Strong toms and energetic hits make this music perfetct for different types of projects – trailers, movies, films, presentations, slideshows and more. Versions included in the archive:
  1. Epic Percussion (long) – 1:06 [3rd in the preview]
  2. Epic Percussion (medium) – 0:50
  3. Epic Percussion (short) – 0:22
  4. Epic Percussion (long loop) – 1:04

03. Epic Hip Hop

Hip Hop Music with orchestral arrangement and some epic mood. Perfect for utban projects, videos about car driving, extreme sports young lifestyle, hip-hop dance projects, div youtube vlog background, soundtrack for movie or videogame. Oldshool lo-fi beat mixed with orchestral sound make this music very atmospheric and perfect for your project.
  • The original item is here: Epic Hip-Hop
  • Versions included in the archive:
    1. Epic Hip-Hop (long Version) – 2:03 [4th in the preview]
    2. Epic Hip-Hop (long Version without brass solo) – 1:44
    3. Epic Hip-Hop (medium version) – 1:03
    4. Epic Hip-Hop (short version) – 0:44