Epic Orchestral Music Pack

Epic Orchestral Music Pack

A collection of four tracks which each share numerous elements. They are played by a large orchestra. They are powerful. They are epic. There are almost no non-orchestral elements here.

Some of the tracks are ‘deeper’ than others (like Power of Giants), others have a lot more momentum (like Ripped Tension). But they are all most definitely epic and orchestral, I hope you can find a use for them.

The Power Of Giants 2:06

If you were a giant, you would be big. If you were a giant, you would be powerful. If you were a giant, you would be synonymous with size and the potential to cause massive ‘events,’ particularly in a physical format. This piece of music is designed to reflect exactly that – the power of giants.

There is nothing subtle about this track, even the quite beginning still has a vast and panoramic sound. It gradually builds, adding more and more layers over the top of a repeating sequence of chords. Strings, low brass, woodwind, choirs and percussion build to the first climactic moment at 1:08 which then explodes into life with a bombardment of brass chords which are overwhelming in power. The power continues right through to the end of the track.

This track would be VERY suitable for use in trailers, or high-impact productions.

Ripped Tension 2:06

An epic orchestral track which starts off with anklung (bamboo) and string ostinatos, which gradually build and crescendo (with more elements entering) to a climax. This is but a prelude for the huge epic and dominating brass chords that bring the piece to a close, these powerful smashes are combined with hard staccato strings to keep the momentum going that was built up previously in the track.

The track is clearly split into 3 sections which have been provided as individual tracks along with the full track for your convenience. Each of these parts is perfectly edited in such a way that they could be used as separate tracks. Full track- 2:06

Section A – 0:28 – Anklung and string ostinatos provide an introduction to the piece with soaring strings bringing this section to a definite and obvious close.

Section B – 1:03 – an extension of section A, with a much longer buildup, with multiple elements entering the fray to gradually build to a climax. The end of this section represents the highest point of tension in the piece, with the release set to come in Section C.

Section C – 0:41- Huge epic brass chords dominate the landscape and (should) send shockwaves through your speakers!

The Heroes Return 2:01

An epic, heroic piece of music representing a group of soldiers returning home from war.

The piece starts big and ends bigger! In the beginning we have a full orchestra playing the main theme (with a solo violin on top), then, a french horn repeats this main theme, and then to close, the theme is repeated one more time, with a massive choir on top to give a huge sense of scale.

Suitable for very high impact productions. Epic and beyond!

Violent Orchestral Battle Loop 0:57

This is exactly what it says on the tin. Violent. Orchestral. Battle-like! A full orchestra is accompanied by pounding drums throughout the loop. The emphasis is placed on epic, and then even more epic, and then even more after that. The pace is relentless throughout.

Would make a great addition to any video game, or any product / trailer requiring something relentless and pounding / driving.