Epic Orchestral Hard Rock

Epic Orchestral Hard Rock

“Epic Orchestral Hard Rock” is a heavy powerful modern , epic and aggressive hard post – rock tune featuring punchy drums, big percussion and electric guitar. With symphonic orchestral instruments and epic choir.

Suitable for cinema, game, film , trailer , video , movie , commercial and more.

A victorious industrial triumphant epic action soundtrack full of action and emotion, perfect to inspire and advertise all kinds of media productions.

A theme for game, gaming, movie, video, film, cinema, trailer, promo, advert, advertising, sport, extreme sports, commercial or any epic like production.

With epic orchestra, driving electric guitar , strings, and big percussion, taiko and modern drums, gives a feeling of winning, running, gives motivation, inspiration, perfect for montage, action footage, background music, broadcast productions and more.

Perfect for tv, cinema, television, news, advertisement, promotional clip etc

And with our premade variations, its easy to choose the one you need:

- 2min 30sec (Starts at 0:00 of preview)

- 2min 30secNo Choir (Starts at 2:37 of preview)

- 2min (Starts at 6:12 of preview)

- 50sec (Starts at 5:15 of preview)

- Orchestral Hits and Impacts (Starts at 8:14 of preview)

Give an Epic Powerful Feel to your productions.

All extra variations are made by the main file (2:30) so if you are a bit experienced you can do whatever more variation is possible. If you need help please send a message.

THANK YOU!!! Happy Productions!

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