Epic Orchestral Cinematic Pack

Epic Orchestral Cinematic Pack

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Here is a collection of huge, epic orchestral scores – perfect for trailers and teasers or as underscores in an array of different productions!

There are SIX tracks included, just under 9 minutes of music in total:

1. Epic Trailer: 1:28

2. Chaos In Motion: 1:21

3. A Warrior Shall Rise: 1:12

4. Heir To The Throne: 0:45

5. Dark Digital Underscore: 2:59

6. The Dark of War: 0:45

A cinematic crescendo of orchestral impact!

This track is ideal for movie trailers, film cues, or as an underscore for a dramatic scene. The piece begins with a simple, almost haunting piano ostinato that is imitated by the harp, while percussion is steadily introduced until the taiko drums enter full force with a sweeping string section. The first violins play a staccato melody, with trombones and french horns providing a rich texture for the various percussion and drums to play under. Electric guitars enter later in the piece, and a full choir provides an angelic, sustained chord pattern halfway through.

Includes both a 320 mp3 and 16 Bit Wave.

Chaos In Motion: 1:21

Chaotic carnage? Spy thriller breakdowns? Heroic reprise for a dramatic coda!? This track has it all!

Exploding from the get go with a heavy, powerful combination of orchestral and studio drums, this track screams impact and energy, only to drop out into a sketchy, pizzicato and trill infused break from the mayhem, with hints of the drum rhythm dropping back in. A broken down, tight drum beat with hints of glitch, ties in with the low string riffs before the full symphonic orchestra unleashes it’s wrath with a dramatic, epic ending! This track would be perfect for a film or video game trailer, or scene.

Includes both 320 kbps MP3 and a 16-bit Wave.

A Warrior Shall Rise: 1:12

Here is a huge, epic track that is perfect for film, tv or video games!

A powerful intro of sustained brass overlays a simple piano melody, until a short crescendo unveils the theme, with a grand choir, string section and brass all kept in time with taiko drums and bold orchestral percussion.

This track is designed to be used for a trailer or teaser, but would be equally suited to a film or tv show that needs a powerful score to kick things off!

Includes the full track in both 320 MP3 and 16 Bit WAVE

Heir To The Throne: 0:45

The Dark Ages have returned, and it needs a soundtrack!

This is a medieval inspired piece, ideal for a film or game intro, theme or underscore. At 45 seconds, this would also be great for a cinematic intro or trailer.

The solo violin recites a modal ostinato over a lush layer of cellos and contrabasses with a booming orchestral bass drum keeping the beat, until the melody returns with more sweeping movement and dense orchestration, fortified with an artillery of Taiko drums.

This track fit for a king comes in both a 320 MP3 and 16-Bit Wave versions.

Dark Digital Underscore: 2:59

A dark, modern track ideal for dramatic movie scenes or film trailers!

Dark Digital Underscore comprises of several arpeggiated synths, forming moody atmospheres, unnerving swells and sparse digital elements that move and envelope each other to provide an ethereal soundscape with a heavy drop!

A booming, hard drum beat kicks in with a haunting piano, while the low end of the track is taken care of by a deep sub bass. A harp ostinato helps the piece develop, before it fades to silence with a variation of the drum beat and a fading synth pad.

This track would work well in an edgy, action thriller or even as a powerful underscore to add impact to a scene.

Includes both a 16 bit WAVE and a 320 MP3

The Dark of War: 0:45

March into hell and back with this epic, haunting track – great for an intro, fight or battle scene in any movie or game!

A full orchestra supports the trumpet section, which supplies the melody line. Powerful trombones and french horns complete the brass ensemble while a full string section contributes to the wall of sound and enhances the chord progression.

Heavy percussion and a Tuba accent throughout, ideal for cuts in a movie or trailer. Additional accompaniment from a solo Flute and a military snare drum pattern finish the track.

Includes both a 320 Mp3 and 16 Bit WAVE.


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