Epic Music Pack

Epic Music Pack

Epic Music Pack is a collection of three motivational, inspirational, epic and powerful tracks featuring soft piano, orchestral brass and tuba, huge cinematic percussion, beautiful orchestral strings and rhythmic cinematic staccato.

Epic Music Pack is three captivating pieces that slowly and sweepingly builds into a full epic arrangement each. From short films to major motion pictures, all these tracks won’t just be a background tracks – it will bring your audience to another world – your project will make a lasting impact and will not be forgotten!

Perfect for YouTube & Vimeo video, intense and emotional cinematic sequences, epic video, sport video, inspirational project, movie trailer, time lapse, beautiful slideshow, trailer, motivational presentation, video game, great achievement, advertising, commercial video, teaser, TV spot, After Effects project, adventure video project. podcast, film, television, game soundtrack, social media marketing, Videohive preview and etc.

1. Epic Music (3 Versions)

Epic Music this is inspirational and powerful orchestral epic track with heroical and motivational mood. Featuring beautiful piano and soft cinematic strings, this track captures the epic sound and feel of a high end Hollywood soundtrack. Epic Music is a lively film score that delivers that thrilling commercial Hollywood sound will not let you down!

Included 3 Versions:
Full Version (length 1:55)
Middle Version (length 1:26)
Short Version (length 1:00)

2. Inspiring Powerful Epic (4 Versions)

Inspiring Powerful Epic this is – inspiration, motivation, nobility, power, awe. This is a captivating piece that slowly and sweepingly builds into a full epic track. Great for adding a dramatic Hollywood style soundtrack to trailers, spots, commercials, presentations or dramatic projects.

Included 4 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:20)
Middle Version (length 1:22)
Short Version (length 1:05)
Teaser Version (length 0:45)

3. An Epicness (3 Versions)

Powerful, beautiful, epic, emotional and inspirational cinematic piece. Open and airy atmosphere, inspirational piano, huge strong percussion, powerful brass section, orchestral strings. In the beginning tranquil warm piano chord and increasing staccato then quickly becoming epic. An Epicness is a commercial sound for any project.

Included 3 Versions:
Full Version (length 2:52)
Middle Version (length 1:55)
Short Version (length 0:56)

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