Epical Theme Kit

Epical Theme Kit

Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 1

This Music Kit based on my original AudioJungle track: Epic

What’s inside:

17 no tails song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for your project: 

  • 01_Intro Part 1.wav
  • 02_Intro Part 2.wav
  • 03_Intro Part 3.wav
  • 04_Intro Part 4.wav
  • 05_Bridge1 .wav
  • 06_Theme “A” part 1.wav
  • 07_Theme “A” part 2.wav
  • 08_Theme “A” part 3.wav
  • 09_Theme “A” part 4.wav
  • 10_Bridge2.wav
  • 11_Theme “B” part 1.wav
  • 12_Theme “B” part 2.wav
  • 13_Theme “B” part 3.wav
  • 14_Theme “B” part 4.wav
  • 15_Bridge3.wav
  • 16_Outro Part 1.wav
  • 17_Outro Part 2.wav

    17 matching song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result. 

    3 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration:

  • Demo1.wav – 2:21
  • Demo2.wav – 1:42
  • Demo3.wav – 4:18

    Speed Search

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 2 Inspire / Motivational Calm / Confident Meditative
    Epic / Dramatic Soft / Background Funny
    Romantic Triumphant Sad
    Scary Nostalgic

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 3 Motivational Inspiring Uplifting
    Technology Hopeful Confident
    Minimal Logo Ident

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 4 Presentation Crowdfunding Apps & Games
    Wedding Video Travel Video Timelapse
    Fashion Advertising Slideshow
    Cartoons Interview Aerial
    Awards Reel

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 5 Cinematic Romantic Comedy
    Corporate Dramatic/Action Experimental
    Ambient Suspense / Dark Folk / Acoustic
    Vocal / Voice Classical World Beat
    Christmas Halloween Ramadan

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 6 Inspiring Calm / Confident Sad
    Background Romantic

    Epic Cinematic Trailer Music Kit - 7 Elemental Dark Electric
    Simple Glitch Seasonal
    Corporate Epic Other

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