Epic Inspirational Pack

Epic Inspirational Pack

  1. Epic Inspire

    This is inspirational orchestral epic track with emotional mood, featuring an epic building orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, glockenspiel, horns, big percussion, and arpeggiated pianos. Building Inspiration track is perfect for anyone looking for an epic and inspiring feel, making it a great fit for a wide variety of projects: advertisement projects, high tech product review, motivational and corporate projects, trailer, commercials, presentations, video campaigns, sad and sentimental videos, background music in slideshows, motivational and uplifting presentations, inspirational commercials, personal growth, Film and TV.

    5 versions included in the zip:

    • Full – 2:37
    • Short1 – 1:35
    • Short2 – 1:14
    • Short3 – 0:54
    • Short4 – 0:27

  2. Building Up

    This is inspirational orchestral epic track with heroical and motivational mood, featuring an epic building emotional orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big percussion, and piano. The piece gradually builds on top of itself until it reaches the climax. Is a captivating piece that slowly and sweepingly builds into a full epic arrangement, this track captures the epic sound and feel of a Hollywood soundtrack. Here we have used the violin, cello, drums, cymbals and piano. Building & Inspiring is perfect for inspiring videos, trailers, emotional scenes,cinematic and exciting moments and this track would be ideal for any business related venture looking for an uplifting and inspirational corporate theme.

    Included 5 Versions:

    • Full (length 2:48)
    • Short1 (length 1:18)
    • Short2 (length 1:18)
    • Short3 (length 1:03)
    • Short4 (length 0:36)

  3. Cinematic Piano And Orchestra

    An encouraging track with a catchy piano melody and combines it with a grand orchestral arrangement and epic drams. Tthis track gives an inspiring cinematic experience to the listener. Best for projects that require an element of romance and inspiration, touching ads, films, wedding videos, and any project trying to make an emotional moment stand out.

    Included 3 Versions:

    • Full (2:28)
    • Short1 (1:26)
    • Short2 (1:06)