Epic Inspirational and Motivation Pack

Epic Inspirational and Motivation Pack

1.Epic Inspirational and Motivation : 1:41

Epic Inspirational and Motivation is an energetic orchestral track. Used violins, horns, cello, percussion, bass, and effects. Perfect for modern projects about nature, painting, history, hero and so one. Add some epicness to your project!

3 versions (wav and mp3):

1. Epic Inspirational and Motivation full – 1:41

2. Epic Inspirational and Motivation short – 1:25

3. Epic Inspirational and Motivation loop – 1:03

2.Epic Marvel Action : 1:25

Epic Marvel Action is a modern track with sound design and hybrid fx. It sounds like a trailer music for Marvel comics or so one. Dramatic sound perfect for action, drama, extreme sport, superhero films and as a background for many modern projecs. Fast and energetic track.

2 versions (wav and mp3 included)

1. Epic Marvel Action short – 1:01

2. Epic Marvel Action full – 1:25

3.Epic Inspire And Motivate : 2:14

Epic Inspire And Motivate is a inspirational cinematic track in a major scale. Perfect orchestral instruments (brass, bass, strings, percussion and choir).

This is an excellent choice for epic video, YouTube, action games, video games, sports events, adventure, advertising and much more.

4 version (wav and mp3)

1. Epic Inspire And Motivate Loop 1 – 0:32

2. Epic Inspire And Motivate Loop 2 – 0:32

3. Epic Inspire And Motivate Full – 2:14

4. Epic Inspire And Motivate Short – 1:25

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