Epic Hybrid Action

Epic Hybrid Action

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Epic Hybrid Action Trailer

epic hybrid action trailer

Intense epic hybrid action track at your service! This modern cinematic music for trailers, movie culminations and energetic videos will make your project as powerful as it is possible!

This item is part of Epic Hybrid Pack!

The track consists of 4 parts:
1) The appearance / uprise – powerful intro overwhelmed with aggressive basses and low synths;
2) The clash – the tension eased a little bit, portraying the conflicting sides encountering each other; the action is growing, things are about to get really serious, intense orchestra and strong percussion keep you strained as the track goes;
3) The pause – time to say some final words! Only cellos are playing, then other strings and percussion intro occur;
4) The final battle – the name speaks for itself! All the instruments are at the place, reinforced by high choirs – the most epic part of the track!

Included Versions:
1) Epic Hybrid Action – Full track (2:48);
2) Epic Hybrid Action – Build (0:54) Starts at 2:50 in Preview;
3) Epic Hybrid Action – Finale (0:45) Starts at 3:47 in Preview;
4) Epic Hybrid Action – Intro (0:35) Starts at 4:35 in Preview – Perfect for Logos!;
5) Epic Hybrid Action – Videohive version made for The Dark Side of the Data.

Instruments Used: full orchestra including strings, brass, various percussion, choir, cymbals, trumpet, french horns, viola, violin, cello, piano and custom synths.

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Both WAV and MP3 formats of each version are included in the download package.

Videohive projects with this music:

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