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Excellent !!! Good Luck with this one :) Cheers!

Thanks!! Cheers!

Awesome job bud! Keep up the good work!

Very cool! Great work, man! :)

Good stuff man! Excellent work :)

Thanks mate!!

Excellent! I just licensed it, great work.

Thanks my friend!

Here is the finished product http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0XiQ9p0mUM

Perfect! Great job, and thanks again!

Thanks Crian!!

Really nice! I like those recurring triplets :)

Thanks Luca!

nice job.
see this
I make a project with your sound

Thanks, great work! Will add a link to it soon.

Epic! Very good!!!

Thank you!

An incredible track!

Thank you!


Ohh! The most of EPIC!

Thank you!!

Urgent! I`m getting copyright from this music I buyed! Epic Hollywood Trailer-2795 – Martijn de Bont to my youtube channel!


Please remove the copyright to that channel as quickly as possible.

Thank you

Hi! I just replied to your email. Thanks!

Epic man!!!!! I like your sound!

Thank man!

Hey man love your stuff! I sent an email to you the other day not sure if you got it though

Hi man! Thanks for purchasing my music. Yes I got the email but I’m on holiday right now with limited access to internet. Will reply to you asap, probably tomorrow. Thanks!

i cant monetize my video on youtube because of copyright! WTF??

Yes you can! Have you read the pdf file included with your download? You could also check out this link:


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need my help with it. Thanks!