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Excellent !!! Good Luck with this one :) Cheers!

Thanks!! Cheers!

Awesome job bud! Keep up the good work!

Very cool! Great work, man! :)

Good stuff man! Excellent work :)

Thanks mate!!

Excellent! I just licensed it, great work.

Thanks my friend!

Here is the finished product

Perfect! Great job, and thanks again!

Thanks Crian!!

Really nice! I like those recurring triplets :)

Thanks Luca!

nice job.
see this
I make a project with your sound

Thanks, great work! Will add a link to it soon.

Epic! Very good!!!

Thank you!

An incredible track!

Thank you!


Ohh! The most of EPIC!

Thank you!!

Urgent! I`m getting copyright from this music I buyed! Epic Hollywood Trailer-2795 – Martijn de Bont to my youtube channel!

Please remove the copyright to that channel as quickly as possible.

Thank you

Hi! I just replied to your email. Thanks!

Epic man!!!!! I like your sound!

Thank man!

Hey man love your stuff! I sent an email to you the other day not sure if you got it though

Hi man! Thanks for purchasing my music. Yes I got the email but I’m on holiday right now with limited access to internet. Will reply to you asap, probably tomorrow. Thanks!

i cant monetize my video on youtube because of copyright! WTF??

Yes you can! Have you read the pdf file included with your download? You could also check out this link:

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need my help with it. Thanks!

Hi! please remove the copyright to my channel, as quickly as possible. Here is my video copyrighted! Thank you!

Hi! Done, but it could take up to 96 hours to process.

You can clear the claim yourself through your Youtube Account. Just head over to the Video Manager from your Creators Studio Section. You will see the link “matched third party content” this is a link and you have to click on it. Next click the link “file a dispute” and select the radio box “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material” now click continue. Next you have to explain shortly why you have made this decision. You can use the following statement:

“I have legally purchased a license for the music via As proof I paste the following license certificate “PASTE CONTENT FROM LICENSE CERTIFICATE HERE”.

Normally the claim will be released within 24 – 96 hours by Youtube.

I always advice people to upload videos as unlisted until the notice is disputed:

• Upload your video to your channel – choose the option “not listed” • Once the copyright notice appears follow the instructions from above to clear it • Once te notice is cleared, change your video to public.

Best regards, Martijn