Epic Hip-Hop Pack

Epic Hip-Hop Pack

  1. Matrix Action Cinematic Hip Hop

    This is a massive, powerful high energy break beat, drum n bass beat inspired by soundtracks as matrix. This high end track is perfect for car games, fighting games or any action game toy can think of.

    I’m a big fan of The Matrix trilogy. It was this film and its great soundtrack inspired me to this wonderful track that is able to lift the spirit in a difficult moment. Cool and strong strings, break beat hip hop drums, brass, great for all kinds of sports, and adrenaline activities, hot and crazy projects. Imagine the brave, fearless hero of the film which falls into a stressful situation, it is a risk, danger awaits him at every corner. The heroism and perseverance helps him to fight against evil forces. Many things such as aggressive, heavy and brutal fights, dangerous driving, and extreme moments of the film are suitable for this music.

    3 Version Included:

    • Full – 2:44
    • Short1 – 1:19
    • Short2 – 0:49

  2. Motivational and Action Sport Hip Hop

    It is a powerful dramatic cinematic trailer in the style of hip-hop, as well as a sports background mood. This energetic trailer suitable for video that contains the action, destruction, strength, epic moments as well as sports activities, victory, defeat, and motivation. Track contains epic strings, power breakbeat drums, percussions, massive brass, rise, aggressive crash, horn, and effects. Perfect for intro, logo, trailer, game trailer, youtube blog, advertising, cinema trailer, cinematic trailer, movie trailers, extreme win, cars, drift, tv and radio, sport videos, backgrounds, policy, competition, games and other commercial projects.

    Included 4 Versions:

    • Full (length 2:48)
    • Short1 (length 1:26)
    • Short2 (length 1:06)
    • Short3 (length 0:48)

  3. Emotional Epic Hip-Hop

    This is an epic emotional track with a sporting mood. The introduction begins with a low piano and intense strings, then using reverse crash comes breakbeat and a motivating piano arpeggiator, after all this there is a culmination, in which pronounced violins play an emotional epic melody for extreme, action, sport, advertising, motion graphics, commercials video!

    2 Version Included:

    • Full – 2:19
    • Short1 – 1:03

  4. Epic Motivational Hip-Hop

    Epic Motivational Hip Hop is a motivating and enegretic instrumental track. Energy breakbeat drums, epic strings, hoir, and a strong brass section blends together into a modern, dynamic motivational backround music track. This track is ideal for sport commercial video, cars, drift, trailer video, teaser, intro, extreme sport video, urban video, street video, urban sport, tv and radio, promotion video, martial arts video and more! If you are searching for energy, aggressive, intense, inspiring, powerful and motivational music, this epic urban hip-hop sport action track can add some right emotions to your video!

    Included 5 Versions:

    • Full (2:48)
    • Short1 (1:29)
    • Short2 (1:08)
    • Short3 (0:58)
    • Short4 (0:29)