Epic Hip-Hop Music Pack

Epic Hip-Hop Music Pack


This music pack consists of three (3) epic and dramatic music beds all with various edits. There are fifteen (15) tracks in total. These energetic, inspirational and motivational pieces of music will be great additions to any commercial projects, including documentary soundtracks, YouTube videos, movie trailers, video games and so much more.

1. Taking Over (5 Versions)
Taking Over is a dramatic, energetic audio track with a ‘hit the streets’ feel. This epic audio piece has hard-hitting electronic drums and heavy synth layers led by an ultra pop hook. A perfect audio clip for spots, video games, highlight reel or anything with high energy.
Key – F# minor
Taking Over File A (2:00) – Full Version
Taking Over File B (1:05) – 60-second edit
Taking Over File C (0:31) – 30-second edit
Taking Over File D (0:07) – Seamless Loop A
Taking Over File E (0:07) – Seamless Loop B

2. Hip Hop Orchestra (5 Versions)
Hip Hop Orchestra is a powerful, melodic orchestral arrangement mixed with its strong steady hip-hop beat, makes for an epic soundtrack to any movie trailer, sports reel, video game or youtube video. See below for various edits including, a 30-second cut, 60-second cut, and seamless loops.
120 bpm
Key – D
Hip Hop Orchestra File A (2:03) – Full Version
Hip Hop Orchestra File B (1:00) – 60-second edit
Hip Hop Orchestra File C (0:34) – 30-second edit
Hip Hop Orchestra File D (0:08) – Seamless Loop A
Hip Hop Orchestra File E (0:08) – Seamless Loop B

3. An Endless Journey (5 Versions)
An Endless Journey is a positive, piano-driven dance track with a dream-like vibe to it. This uplifting, nostalgic audio track is perfect for a movie soundtrack, corporate, business or Youtube video.
110 bpm
Key – F# major
An Endless Journey File A (2:23) – Full Version
An Endless Journey File B (1:04) – 60-second edit
An Endless Journey File C (0:37) – 30-second edit
An Endless Journey File D (0:09) – Piano Hook Loop
An Endless Journey File E (0:09) – Beat Loop