Epic Glitch Rock Montage

Epic Glitch Rock Montage

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Epic Glitch Rock Montage by Toxic Recordings is a hybrid epic rock and cinematic metal industrial piece filled with risers, downers, deep bass drops, heavy guitars, thundering drums, raunchy bass and glitch effects.

Perfect for video projects, angry and driving videos, extreme, action, military, martial arts, urban, sport videos, corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, slideshows, web videos, makings of, info-graphics, documentaries, Featurettes, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, sport and fitness videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc.

Main Instruments & Sounds:

Intense impacts, electric rock metal guitars, industrial bass and synths, glitch effects, intense risers, soaring leads, and epic riffs.

5 Files in total for easy editing:

• Epic Glitch Rock Montage – (main track) | 1:38.
• Epic Glitch Rock Montage A – 0:31 (starts at 0:00 in the preview).
• Epic Glitch Rock Montage B – 0:40 (starts at 0:30 in the preview).
• Epic Glitch Rock Montage C – 0:17 (starts at 1:04 in the preview, ends with a epic crash and boom/downer).
• Epic Glitch Rock Montage D – 0:17 ((starts at 1:04 in the preview, regular ending).

About The Author

What happens if you combine two musicians who live and breathe epic and hardhitting cinematic music? It get’s even more epic and cinematic! Welcome to Toxic Recordings, a company created by Martijn de Bont and Robert Slump.

Toxic Recordings is all about epic and thundering cinematic rock and metal tracks combined with dubstep and electro elements, industrial music, nu-metal elements, and stunning trailer music. Toxic Recordings delivers professional music for trailers, movies and games, tv spots, advertising, commercials, media entertainment, youtube, gaming channels, previews and TV programs, news, featurettes, promotional videos, product presentations, crowdfunding projects and business related videos & presentations.

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