Epic Dubstep Trailer

Epic Dubstep Trailer

Powerful and dynamic cinematic composition with dubstep elements “Epic Dubstep Trailer”. In the track there spellbinding tremolo strings, creepy piano, and cinematic percussions into a powerful sound with sub and wobble bass, and female and male choirs. Perfect for trailers, war movies and video games, films, teasers, youtube and vimeo videos and any other project that needs dramatic, scary, dark and hard music.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS: Dubstep wobble bass, sub bass, female and male choirs, piano, tremolo strings, violins, drums, percussions, digital sound effects.

4 versions in a zip:

Epic Dubstep Trailer – Short Version (1:20), WAV and mp3 (0:00 – 1:20 in preview)

Epic Dubstep Trailer – Full Version (2:25), WAV and mp3 (1:20 – 3:45 in preview)

Epic Dubstep Trailer – 65 Seconds Version (1:05), WAV and mp3 (3:45 – 4:50 in preview)

Epic Dubstep Trailer – 30 Seconds Loop Version (0:30), only WAV (4:50 – 5:20 in preview)

Tonality: Em (Harmonic minor), tempo: 128

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