Epic Drums & Percussions Pack

Epic Drums & Percussions Pack

Three epic drum soundtracks perfect for any type of presentation looking for drum action.

Important: This package contains songs which have different versions of it. To listen to each individual versions please click on desired track link. In this preview you will hear the main file of each songs only.

1. Epic Cinematic Drums 1:22 @ (0:00 to 1:22 in preview)
“Epic Cinematic Drums” is the martial art of drumming and will make your web or video project stand out with a BANG.

4 versions:

  1. Epic Cinematic Drums 1:22
  2. Epic Cinematic Drums (short) part 1 0:40
  3. Epic Cinematic Drums (short) part 2 0:49
  4. Epic Cinematic Drums (loop) 1:12
2. Epic Taiko Drums 1:29 @ (1:22 to 2:51 in preview)
Feel the rumbling strikes of Taiko drums in action with clashing sticks & powerful stomps in a 3/4 beat pattern. This soundtrack is great for large battle scenes, ceremonial sport themes or any other project that needs epic Taiko drums.

3 versions + 2 loops:
  1. Epic Taiko Drums (full version with stomps) 1:29
  2. Epic Taiko Drums (full version no stomps) 1:29
  3. Epic Taiko Drums (short) 0:36
  4. Epic Taiko Drums loop (with shaker) 0:10
  5. Epic Taiko Drums loop (no shaker) 0:10
3. Drums & Percussions 1:47 @ (2:51 to 4:39 in preview)
Big drums with snaps, claps, sticks and rototoms creating a fun big band-ish rhythm to your project. Loops are included for you to create at desired length.

4 loops + main soundtrack:
  1. Drums & Percussions (full version) 1:47
  2. Drums & Percussions (soft loop) 0:08
  3. Drums & Percussions (loop with claps) 0:08
  4. Drums & Percussions (full percussion loop) 0:08
  5. Drums & Percussions (rototom loop) 0:08

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