Epic Drums Of Doom

Epic Drums Of Doom

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The Drums Of Doom pack. A pack suited perfectly for video games, trailers, or any action scene, a website which requires a pulsating percussive background. The emphasis here is on big, loud drums with a cinematic feel.

There are five tracks in total, produced with a similar palette but each with a unique take on a styled dramatic drum theme.

Epic Drums Of Doom 1

Taikos, heavily processed deep toms, frame drums, shakers, claps, booms, swells, snares. There is a big rock influence in this track which is combined with an ‘epic film score’ feel to the percussion.The track comes with a version that goes from start to finish, and also a version that loops seamlessly.

Looped Track – 1:10 Non-Looped Track – 1:17

Epic Drums Of Doom 2

In this track, a single drum hit is followed by a pulsating rhythm on a tom that is hit extremely hard right next to the microphone. Then at 0:18, the atmosphere changes to something slightly more horrific with the arrival of a terrifyingstring riser. This tension is released at 00:28, where a haunting female vocalist rounds everything off in a melancholy way – very much the calm after the storm.

Non-Looped Track only – 0:38

Epic Drums Of Doom 3

This track is a fast pased action cue, with a terrifying string riser that builds to the end. A lot of metallic objects are struck throughout, particularly starting at 0:13 where the build towards the climax of the piece ends. An ominous bass rumble brings the track to a close.

Non-Looped Track only – 0:36

Epic Drums Of Doom 4

This track in question is a more tribal take on the ‘Drums Of Doom’ theme. It opens with a low bass moan and some tribal drums (the bass moan comes from rubbing the rim of the drum). At 0:19, some hand claps / rhythms are introduced, and then at 0:32, carnage breaks loose, and the ‘big drums’ are unleashed.

Non-Looped Track only – 0:52

Epic Drums Of Doom 5

Hugely ominous opening with just a big pounding drum. Then a rolling snare drum enters. Gradually more and more percussion elements (toms, taikos, dhols) enter to build the piece to a shuddering crescendo.

The track comes with a version that goes from start to finish, and also a version that loops seamlessly.

Looped Track – 1:04 Non-Looped Track – 1:09

All files are provided in MP3 and WAV format. Happy drumming!