Epic Cinematic Trailer

Epic Cinematic Trailer

Highly inspiring cinematic epic music. The combination of powerful, low orchestral percussion and beauty of orchestra will not leave you unmoved! Simple but catchy melody will make your project memorable!

Featured instruments: bright piano, confident strings, brave brass, energetic orchestral percussion.

Sounds great in:
  • epic commercials;
  • trailers and teasers;
  • presentation videos;
  • motivation video;
  • sport videos;
  • inspirational slideshows;
  • cinematic openers;
  • and any inspirational projects.
This item includes:
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer – 1:59 (starts at 0:00 in preview);
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer_no melody – 1:59 (starts at 3:43 in preview);
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer_1 minute – 0:59 (starts at 2:20 in preview);
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer_30 second – 0:29 (starts at 3:14 in preview);
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer_Loop – 0:06 (starts at 3:58 in preview);

All versions are represented in WAV an MP3 (except loop version)

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