Epic Cinematic Trailer Pack

Epic Cinematic Trailer Pack

This pack contains 6 epic cinematic tracks good for media: trailer, intro, sports compilations, video, game, tv, commercial etc. These tracks shows courage, superhero power, bravery and heroism. You can use it in many kinds of projects. Music is played by strings, brass, percussion and choir.

ZIP contains WAV and mp3 formats for every file.
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If you use my music, please let me know where. Thank you very much! :)

1. Epic Dramatic Trailer (1:25)

  • Epic Dramatic Trailer

  • 2. Return of the Hero (2:14)
  • Return of the Hero

  • 3. Epic Intro (1:12)
  • Epic Intro

  • Short Version (0:36)
    4. Cinematic Intro (1:05)
  • Cinematic Intro

  • 5. Epic cinematic Intro 3 (1:22)
  • Epic Cinematic Intro 3

  • 6. Short Epic Trailer (0:40)
  • Short Epic Trailer

  • Short Epic Trailer Percussion (0:40)
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