Epic Cinematic Piano

Epic Cinematic Piano

Epic Cinematic Piano

“Epic Cinematic Piano” is an epic, deep and thoughtful cinematic music track. It is a perfect choice for epical videos, trailers, dramatic scenes, timelapse, nature, travel, inspirational story, weddings, love videos, beautiful slideshows, epical videos and many other!.. Also excellent choice for any web, TV, commercial, radio and other projects, footage and everywhere you want to introduce professional background music.

Used: emotional piano, epic percussion, orchestral instruments (flute, oboe, strings ensemble, emotional cello, etc…), bells, etc…

Versions included:
  1. Main Version (2:44)
  2. Short Version (2:19)
Includes wav & mp3

Sounds great in:

  • epic video;
  • romantic videos;
  • nature videos;
  • photo slideshows;
  • wedding videos;
  • love videos;
  • travel videos;
  • promo videos;
  • inspirational stories;
  • family ads;
  • epic background music;
  • timelapse;
  • and many other…

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