Epic Cinematic Pack

Epic Cinematic Pack

Epic Cinematic Pack

‘Epic Cinematic Pack’ is a collection of 4 powerful orchestral tracks, perfect for any projects that need a huge, cinematic sound.

1. Epic Superhero Movie (4 versions)
‘Epic Superhero Movie’ is a powerful and emotive orchestral track. This track features a modern production with electronic drums, piano, majestic orchestra, powerful percussion and soaring electric guitar. Ideal as an accompaniment to inspiring trailers, games, animations and commercials.

Included with the full version is a medium length, short and looped version;

Epic Superhero Movie – Full (2:05)
Epic Superhero Movie – 60s (1:00)
Epic Superhero Movie – 30s (0:30)
Epic Superhero Movie – Looped (2:07)

2. A Big Adventure (3 versions)
‘A Big Adventure’ is a dramatic and exciting orchestral track for trailers, games and commercials. It features a powerful orchestra with a growling brass section, soaring strings and thundering percussion. An inspiring melody makes this a perfect accompaniment to any action adventure!

Included with the full version is a medium length and a short version;

A Big Adventure – Full (2:08)
A Big Adventure – 60s (1:00)
A Big Adventure – 30s (0:30)

3. A Heroic Adventure (4 versions)
‘A Heroic Adventure’ is an emotional and epic orchestral track designed to inspire and motivate. It features a sweeping string melody, horns, and energetic percussion. Ideal as a backing to sports montages, training videos, trailers and games.

Included with the full version is a medium length version, a short version and a looped version;

A Heroic Adventure – Full (1:50)
A Heroic Adventure – 60s (1:00)
A Heroic Adventure – 30s (0:30)
A Heroic Adventure – Looped (1:50)

4. An Epic Action Trailer (2 versions)
‘An Epic Action Trailer’ is a high energy, thunderous action trailer with the power of a full orchestra. It features energetic percussion, rhythmic strings and soaring melodic horns. This track is ideal for game trailers, animations, movie trailers and epic commercials.

There are two length edits included for your convenience;

An Epic Action Trailer – 60s (1:00)
An Epic Action Trailer – 30s (0:30)

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Epic Cinematic Pack