Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack

Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack

Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack - 1

Save your money with “Epic Cinematic Dubstep Pack”!

1. Epic Dubstep: 1:33

Powerful inspirational epic cinematic soundtrack with dubstep groove

Perfect for epic trailers, presentations, time-lapses and showreels

3 versions:

1. Epic Dubstep full – 1:33

2. Epic Dubstep mid – 1:16

3. Epic Dubstep climax – 0:29

2. Cinematic Epic Trailer: 2:39

Modern powerful epic trailer track. Similar artists: Really Slow Motion, Ivan Torrent, Two Steps From Hell, Colossal Trailer Music etc. Music is great for: adventure films, cinematic trailers, presentation, advertising, games and much more.

It’s easy to use in projects, because the track is easily divided into separate parts.

4 versions:

1. Full – 2:39

2. Mid – 2:04

3. Short – 0:54

4. Climax – 0:12

3. An Epic: 2:44

Powerful epic cinematic orchestral trailer. Perfect for travel video, movie and video game trailer, app, blog and other projects.

Included instruments: orchestra (strings: cello, bass, violas, violins; brass section: horns, trombones, trumpets), piano, drums (sub kick, toms, percussion, giant hits, impacts, hybrid sounds, cymbal), fx, whoosh, braams.

3 versions:

1. Full – 2:44

2. Mid – 2:02

3. Short – 0:40