Epic Aggressive Blockbuster Trailer

Epic Aggressive Blockbuster Trailer


This epic, aggressive, blockbuster, trailer track is perfect for movie, sports, game, and any kind of trailer project that you need the attention of the audience from start to finish!

If you need loud dramatic and powerful action music for your projects this is what you are looking for!

Instruments used in this track:

  • Orchestral Strings (Cellos, Bass Violas & Violins)
  • Epic Trailer Percussion
  • Braams and low Brass
  • Low Synth Pulses
  • Sound Design Hits and Elements

and more!

Use this track for:

  • Cinematic
  • Aggressive
  • Video Games
  • Trailer
  • Movies / Film
  • Dramatic
  • Epic
  • Blockbuster
  • Action

or any kind of projects, titles, advertisments, presentations or commercials!

Track length is 1:35 and it is provided in both Wav and Mp3 formats.



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