Epic Action Trailer

Epic Action Trailer

Music description

Epic, Powerful and heavy with thunderous drums, driving strings, and uplifting brass. Has a very strong “Hollywood” and “larger than life” sound. For film, trailers, and personal cinematic projects.

Designed for a:

  • hospital, medicine
  • TV, cinema, movie, film
  • business/corporate projects
  • presentations
  • motivating and inspirational feeling
  • inspiring presentation and infographics
  • lifestyle video
  • slideshow
  • digital marketing
  • promo video
  • website
  • tutorial,
  • explainer,
  • gaming videos
  • vlog/series
  • and so much more!
Also you can use this track for your photo, slideshows, footage, and videos on your website(s), blogs and anywhere on Social Media including YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Tumbler, Instagram and more…

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