Epic Action Trailer

Epic Action Trailer

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Epic Action Trailer - 1 Powerful, epic percussion drives the action in this exciting new cinematic trailer.

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This epic action trailer comes in 3 versions, all in wav and mp3 format:

EpicActionTrailer1.wav – 1:00

EpicActionTrailer1.mp3 – 1:00

EpicActionTrailer1_NoChoirEnding.wav – 1:00

EpicActionTrailer1_NoChoirEnding.mp3 – 1:00

EpicActionTrailer1_30Sec.wav – 0:30

EpicActionTrailer1_30Sec.mp3 – 0:30

All 3 versions can be heard in the preview track in the order listed above.

See this music in action here:

The epic cinematic logo music for the bonus logos in the above video can be found here:

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