Energy Rock Kit

Energy Rock Kit

Add some Energy to You’re Project! Fast and Powerful Electronic Rock Mix. Features guitars, drums, bass, glitch and synth FX. Great for Sports, Racing, Gaming, Commercials and other projects that requires more energy in it :)
Based on original Audiojungle track: Energy Rock

Whats Included:

- 22 ”no tails” song sections, trimmed on the beat to help you quickly arrange and snap together a guide track for you’re project.
- 22 ”tails” song sections, with natural audio endings for smooth transitions and a seamless final result
- 3 Additional extra sections for more capabilities
- 3 ready-to-use demo arrangements for extra convenience and inspiration
- All audio files are provided as high quality WAV (44.1 kHz / 16-bit)

Song Section

01_Intro (0:14)
Intro ambience and FX

02_BuildUp (0:07)
Guitar raiser and tambourine

03_Chorus1 (0:14)
Guitars, Drums and FX

04_PreVerse1 (0:03)
Guitars, Raiser and drums

05_Verse1(First Part) (0:07)
Guitars, Synths and Drums

06_Verse1(First Part)_NoSynths (0:07)
Guitars and Drums only

07_Verse1(First Part)_OnlySynthFX (0:07)
Only Synths and FX

08_Verse1(Second Part) (0:07)
Guitars, Synths and Drums

09_Verse1(Second Part)_NoSynths (0:07)
Guitars and Drums only

10_Verse1(Second Part)_SqareWaveSynth (0:07)
Cool synth loop :)

11_Verse1(Second Part)_OnlySynths (0:07)
Only Synths and FX

12_PreChorusFill (0:02)
Cool Drum fill

Guitars, Drums and FX

14_PreVerse2 (0:03)
Guitars, Synth and Drums

15_Verse2(First Part) (0:14)
Guitars, Synths and Drums

16_Verse2(First Part)_NoSynths(0:14)
Guitars and Drums only

17_Verse2(Second Part) (0:14)
Guitars, Synths and Drums

18_Verse2(Second Part)_NoSynths (0:14)
Guitars and Drums only

19_BuildUp2 (0:07)
Raiser with drums, guitars and FX

20_Chorus3(First Part) (0:14)
Guitars, Drums and FX

21_Chorus3(Second Part)(0:14)
Guitars, Drums and FX

22_End (0:05)
Powerful guitar ending


23_DrumFill (0:02)
Drum Fill

24_GuitarStab (0:02)
Powerful Guitar Hits

25_SynthFiltered (0:02)
Raising filtered synths


Demo_01 (2:16)
Based on original

Demo_02 (0:55)
Short Demo without Synths

23_Demo_03 (1:02)
Unique Variation of Soundtrack

Documentation with tempo information and list of sequences used in the demos is included
Tempo: 140

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