Energy Power Rock

Energy Power Rock


This track is full of power, groove and rock mood. You can hear a lot of distortion sound, straight drums with claps and tambourine, brass section and sample of blues voice. It is perfect for advertising, commerce, vlog, and everywhere you need a rock sound and hard blues mood.
Variety of dynamic and arrangement allows to use different parts of this track.
Here is a loop. It means that it’s possible to make the length of audio fit to your particular needs. Or you can design your own track using the loops.

This distribution consists of two versions of the track and a loop.

  1. Energetic Power Rock – 2:29
  2. Energetic Power Rock_SHORT – 0:50
  3. Energetic Power Rock_LOOP – 0:11

Both WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package.
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