Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack

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This music pack includes 3 percussive stomp and clap tracks, each with 2 versions. The tracks are dynamic, energetic, upbeat and exciting and feature performances on real instruments including powerful stomps, organic drums and driving percussion, claps, snaps, slaps, risers, hits, shouts and more.
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Each stomp track contains numerous edit points without bleed, so making it your own and adapting it to your needs couldn’t be any easier. Don’t hesitate to contact us here or at for many more cuts/edits and variations or if you want us to tailor it to your production. For more tracks like this, please see our quick music search below.

Included Tracks:

1. Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomps and Claps

-Main version (01:20)
-30 sec (Filename in ZIP folder:V3) (0:34)

2. Energetic Stomp and Claps

-Main version (0:59)
-30 sec (0:31)

3. Upbeat Stomp Clap and Percussion

-Main Version (1:14)
-30 sec (0:31)

High-Quality WAV and MP3 files for every version included

Stomps, claps, snaps, drums, impacts, hits, sound design, whooshes, sweeps, riser, shouts, percussion, exciting FX, and more.

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Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 1

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 2

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 3

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 4

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 5

Energetic Upbeat Percussive Stomp Pack - 6

These modern stomp and claps tracks are ideal for many modern media productions including typography, film, promo, movie trailer, game trailer, tv, game, show, event, presentation, action videos, sport videos, opener, intro, logo reveal, broadcast, branding, advertisement, infographic, website, YouTube channel, vlog, promo, slideshow, business video, Vimeo channel, startup video, marketing video, news, game trailer, featurette, app promo, book promo, app trailer, game, radio jingle, ident, YouTube channel, advertising campaign, titles, and many more.

Our music has been licensed in over 35 countries all around the globe by filmmakers, marketing and advertising agencies, national and international corporations and brands, and many more.
Our vast client list spans from brand-new small businesses to some of the world’s most established and successful companies like BMW and US Major League sport franchises. Productions using our music have been broadcast worldwide.

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No matter if you’re working on a feature film, TV show, movie trailer, advertising campaign, vlog, channel trailer, game, app, podcast, corporate video, slideshow, book trailer, social media campaign, event, presentation or anything else – our mission is to help you make your project sound awesome!

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