Energetic Sport Electro

Energetic Sport Electro

Item description

Modern, power, fresh, energetic, motivational and dirty electro dubstep music with dirty bass, supersaw synth, electric guitars and cinematic effects.

Mood of this track? Aggressive, extreme, power, high energy, motivation, moving, energetic, powerful, uplifting.

Suitable for sportcar videos, extreme sports, energetic motion graphics, racing, pursuits, car commercials, fighting, workout videos, games battle, animation, films, advertisement and TV commercial, media projects and podcasts, technology advertising, videohive projects, Youtube channels dedicated to sports and test drivers.

Included files (in order as shown in preview)

  • Full Version – 1:47
  • Extended Version – 2:01
  • Short Version – 0:55
  • Loop 1 – 0:18
  • Loop 2 – 0:18
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  • Dubstep Electro Pack Vol. 1 (16:26)

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