Energetic Powerful Aggressive Epic Trailer

Energetic Powerful Aggressive Epic Trailer

This short and intense energetic, powerful and aggressive epic trailer music track called “Titan” is the perfect fit for your movie trailer, game trailer, featurette, advertising campaign, YouTube channel, promo, app trailer, film, logo reveal, intro, logo ident, tv, game, show, event, book trailer, logo ident and many more.

The massive cutting-edge cinematic trailer track contains multiple editing points and features the following instrumentation, FX and hybrid sound design elements:

Powerful Percussion, intense distorted Brass, Piano, Synths, state of the art custom Sound Design, Riser, Downer, Stings, Boom, Impact, Braam, stutter FX and cuts, and 100 percent unique Signature Sounds.

Includes 5 versions/cuts to speed up your editing process and make your life easier:

  1. Item 1: Full (1:00)
  2. Item 2: 30 sec (0:30)
  3. Item 3: Stinger 1 (0:08)
  4. Item 4: Stinger 2 (0:08)
  5. Item 5: Stinger 3 (0:09)

High Quality WAV and MP3 files of every version included in the ZIP folder.


Cinematic, Urgent, Aggressive, Heroic, Apocalyptic, Bold, Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Energetic, Epic, Intense, Powerful, Victorious

Our music has been licensed in over 35 countries all around the globe by filmmakers, marketing and advertising agencies, national and international corporations and brands, and many more.
Our vast client list spans from brand-new small businesses to some of the world’s most established and successful companies like BMW.

Here on Audiojungle we offer you some of our portfolio for very affordable prices. We strive to make high quality music affordable for everyone, to help you create something awesome and make your media production the best it can possibly be.

Dear buyers: Thank you for buying! :) It would be awesome if you could take a few seconds to rate your item. It helps us keep providing high-quality audio for low prices. Please contact us for any questions or requests for alternate versions/custom versions! Don’t hesitate to connect with us on social if you like: https://www.instagram.com/elysiumaudio https://www.elysiumaudiolabs.com

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