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Your stuff is so good it makes me want to punch myself in the face…

Cheers for the big compliment mate! :) I really appreciate it! :)

Cheers DEYCH! Much appreciated my friend :)

Very nice track. Good uplifting! :)

Thanks a million D-Music! Appreciate the feedback mate :)

Great song!! Another hit! So catchy. This’ll do so well. Good luck! :)

Thanks very much Phil! :) I really appreciate it! I hope you’re right mate ;)

Really cool track Lester. You have a real gift for infectious pop man. Great job mate and best of luck for lots of sales! :)

Thanks for the awesome feedback Jamie! Glad you like it mate :)

Dancing to this. That palm mute guitar is bliss.

Thanks very much, Alkis! :) This was a fun track to make! Glad you like it. Much appreciated!

Can you PLEASE remove your content from AdRev as YouTube is threatening to remove my video and possibly delete my Channel because this audio which I only purchased yesterday has been picked up by their Content ID filter. This is the second time in two weeks AudioJungle music has caused issues on Youtube. One of my clients had their Channel suspended because of it.

Hi Kiwitube! Thank you very much for choosing my music. Much appreciated!

To quickly remove a claim from ‘AdRev’ either attach your AJ license here: http://adrev.net/contact-us mentioning you have licensed the music from ‘Lester Woodward/BlueFoxMusic’ and they will have the claim and any advertising swiftly removed (usually within a couple of hours).

Otherwise, just send me your Youtube video URL and I’ll take care of it for you.

Many apologies for any hassle this has caused you. I will be including a text file with all my AJ zip files from now explaining this 30 second process to avoid this situation in future.

Please let me know if I can help you further.