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Very beautiful and emotional!

Thanks Leon! :)

Absolutely gorgeous. Well done!

Thank-you Storyshop!


Thank-you Crian!

Great track! Very emotional.

Nice track man! Plan to use it in my video.

I appreciate it AndrVlad, send it my way when you’re finished, would love to see it!

top notch stuff, great work :)

Thanks Jeff :)

Awesome music… thank you for this masterpiece

Sweet-Freckles,thank you very much for purchasing! And taking the time to comment, means a lot! :)

Would you thing it might be possible to get this gorgeous track also from ITunes(so would you be able to get that track I sold on ITunes?..)

Sorry Roadrunner, but due to my exclusively with Audiojungle, this track is only available here. Thanks for asking :)

I have lost a good friend. This song shows my emotions. Tank you very very mutch

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, Akira. I’m glad this track is going to be helpful to you. My condolences.

Just finished watching LOST on Netflix and was looking for similar-sounding music when I found this track. Was it inspired by the series? Either way, this is just as beautiful as Giacchino’s work. I will definitely buy it in the future.

Thanks very much Jutwinsfan1. I very much enjoyed the music in LOST as well, Giacchino is an excellent composer. I hope you find it useful at some point :)

It’s a gloomy sunday afternoon and it’s raining outside. I click the link I’ve saved months if not years ago and I’m touched again. Touched by this beautiful song, it’s perfect arrangement, it’s soothing pain, it’s glistering comforting touch from once lost hope in the dawning of a new try’s light. Thank you. Loving it.

What beautiful words, thank-you very much viertelhund :)

i like this track ,it makes my video cry,i would like to purchase this for my project,but can i have this track for more longer?

Thanks for your compliment ngotjerqye. I would say the best way to make the track longer is to find a good edit point, repeat and crossfade parts of it according to your video’s needs. Hope that helps :)