Epic Piano Inspiring

Epic Piano Inspiring

Emotional Piano Cinematic Epic

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Cinematic and dramatic epic piano soundtrack. Uplifting melodies for emotional background atmosphere and inspiring mood. Powerful energetic percussion.

Main instruments: piano, strings, brass, drums, choir.

Mood: victory, Hollywood, blockbuster, bravery, inspiration, war, heroic, trailer, action, movie.

You can use it for: epic sport videos, cinematic projects, action on landscapes, cinematic war inspiration videos, youtube commercial and private content, video games, video trailers, presentations and intro outro of epic projects, background music for movie or documentary films.

The download package includes 4 versions of the soundtrack with different structures and details:

- 2:15

- 1:15

- 0:49

- 0:28

Epic Piano Inspiring - 1
Epic Piano Inspiring - 2
Epic Piano Inspiring - 3
Epic Piano Inspiring - 4
Epic Piano Inspiring - 5
Epic Piano Inspiring - 6
Epic Piano Inspiring - 7