Emotional Piano Cinematic

Emotional Piano Cinematic


includes 5 versions:

Emotional Piano Cinematic – Main Track (3:06)

Emotional Piano Cinematic – Piano only (3:07)

Emotional Piano Cinematic – Short version (1:39)

Emotional Piano Cinematic – Piano only Short version (1:39)

Emotional Piano Cinematic – Logo version (0:27)

An inspiring and emotional composition suited for inspirational projects, slideshows, romantic videos, and more. Combines soft piano melodies with uplifting orchestral elements to bring a sentimental and uplifting experience.

Main instruments: Piano and orchestral strings.

Designed for a: • advertising/commercial • corporate video • wedding slideshow • Valentine’s Day video project • inspiring presentation and infographics • nature video • storytelling • photography/cinematic projects • lifestyle video • travel video • slideshow • timelapse • digital marketing • promo video • innovation/technology video • website • vlog/series • and so many more!


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