Inspiring Emotional Hip-Hop Piano

Inspiring Emotional Hip-Hop Piano

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Emotional hip-hop instrumental Background, with energy, inspirational, romantic, sentimental, happy, and many more feels, you can use it in any type of project, since piano, violins, Electric, and acoustic guitars are in one song.

Exactly what you need for video presentations, slideshows, backgrounds, commercial uses, nature clips, business projects, broadcasts and technology, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, designs and beauty video projects! Promotional Video Ads, documentary, motivational, GoPro, slow motion, drone video project and more …

This item Includes 5 Versions for a better experience to make easy your work :

1.Emotional Hip-Hop Piano_ 2:23 (main version)

2.Emotional Hip-Hop Piano Short Version 1 __ 1:16 Short version with the first verse

3.Emotional Hip-Hop Piano Short Version 2 __ 1:16 Short version with the Solo guitar

4.Emotional very Short No Drum version 1 _ 0:34 Solo Version

5.Emotional very Short No Drum version 2 _ 0:34 Strings Version


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