A Cinematic Emotional Trailer Pack

A Cinematic Emotional Trailer Pack

Emotional cinematic pack

3 Track, 6 Versions

“Emotional cinematic pack”is background music for commercial presentations, promo video, business video, slideshow, sentimental films, podcasts, You Tube videos, Vimeo videos, music for games, business advertising, inspirational personal stories, inspirational company stories, optimistic, bright and atmospheric videos, as a background music for films and other you projects

Convenient structure of the track to customize it to your needs

Uplifting Trailer.

  • Full track (02:18)

Dreamland Cinematic Trailer. 3 Versions:

  • Short track (01:44)
  • Full track (02:25)
  • Minimal track (00:39)

Dramatic Cinematic Trailer. 2 Versions:

  • Full track (02:06)
  • Short track (01:30)

Main instruments:

synth pluck, impact hits, rise, hits, rise, booms, piano, srtings, booms, downers, brass, drums, SFX and sound design

Use this track for:

promo movies, podcasts, You Tube videos, Vimeo videos, music for games, music for trailers, background music for films

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For VideoHive authors:

Your free to use any of my preview tracks for your VideoHive projects – just link me in and I’ll paste a link to the video you use it in

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