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Sounds Good!
Bookmarked to Audiojungle Authors Music Collection!

Hi FHR, glad you enjoyed it! Thank you very much for adding me to the collection. Cheers :)

Just a pleasure to listen to this one. Great guitar work! I posted a link to this song on the “Great Tracks Zero Sales” forum posting. http://audiojungle.net/forums/thread/great-tracks-zero-sales-find-one-post-one-/94491?page=3

Cheers Jason, thanks very much and thanks for adding it to the thread :)

Really great song mate, you are doing a great job!! Top notch! :)

Hi Mat, that’s great. Really pleased you like it thanks :)

Love it Revturkey! Has a Pat Metheny vibe going on. Great job brother – I love the huge range of styles you are at home in. All the best for huge success for you!! :) Jamie

Hi Jamie, thanks mate. Pat Metheny! Wow, what a compliment. Cheers fella :)

Youtube demo “Audiojungle Hits 6” includes your track (#3)

Thanks very much for this. Much appreciated :)

Welcome! I love this track! :)

Hey thanks very much!

Once again I had to listen to this track… it’s so incredible cool!! It makes my day! :)

Thanks Mat :) yes strange how some good tracks do nothing on here. It’s a mystery to me. I got told to revamp my Avatar months ago but only just got around to it…good to hear you approve as your page and design is excellent.

Well..I only went and changed my avatar and tweaked my page design again. I think I have cracked it now. Gets the sense of humour across better lol :)

Haha, that’s a nice one, yes :D Pretty unique. I like turkey anyway ;)

Thanks very much..glad you like it :) it’s a favourite of mine.

I got a sale! Thank you ever so much to the piece’s first buyer. This is one of my favourite compositions and I am so pleased for it to get used :)