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Thanks guys! :)

There’s something about your synth that magically increases your sale count. What’s your secret? Haha just kidding. Great work!

- Thomas

Love it-goes perfect with my vid-thanks!

Thanks a lot, good to hear! :) Would love to see the result.

Great music as always. My client loved the video. Thanks.

“elevation” drops at :30 seconds in

Thank you for the purchase and sharing the video!

Love many of your tunes, good luck!

Thanks, good luck to you as well!

Really beautiful track! I love it.

Thank you! :)

How you make that beautiful sound? It some kind of electric guitar or what?

Yes, it is some kind of electric guitar.

can you please say what execly? Pls

another great tune of yours… One of my favorites. Keep up the good work :-)

Hi, do you also offer the tracks for “Elevation” instrumental separately, so i can remix it better to my video, in terms of repeating parts of the song in a way i need it ?

Would be awesome.

Regards, Frank

Do you have one similar which is 4 mins+ ?

Awesome track !!

Super best seller !! Congrats.

Really fantastic track! Awesome!