Electronica Pack 1

Electronica Pack 1

Electronica Pack 1 – Background Music For Videos

This pack includes 3 electronica tracks.

1. Motivational Dubstep [3:00] A futuristic, inspiring, uplifting, motivating, modern and energetic dubstep-track. Suitable for corporate videos, corporate advertising, extreme sports, high-tech projects. Can also be used in youtube-channels.

2. Retro Game [2:38] A classic retro game background music track featuring 8-bit sounds and screaming analog synthesizers.
The track begins with a glitchy drumbeat supporting an analog lead. From there it builds with second lead and analog pads. Two more sections appears with different feeling. Lots of interesting synth-sounds.
Perfect/suitable for cut-scenes in games. Also perfect for software-installers that feature retro game music.

3. Snow Creatures [3:15] Snow Creatures – Perfect track for a snowboarding-video or other scenic action-sport-videos with slow motion passages coupled with fast action.
Dreamy passages cut-off with energetic dubstep-drops. Extremely lush pads and running harps all over the place.

Use these tracks to enhance your:
• Uplifting and inspiring projects
• Corporate presentations
• YouTube videos
• Explainer videos
• Tutorials
• Slideshows
• Montages
• Business videos
• Lifestyle and travel videos
• Medical and health videos
• Real estate videos
• Startup videos
• Openers
• App promos

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