Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop Kit

Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop Kit

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“Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop Kit” – Starts off on a positive and uplifted note, and captivates through the entire song with different sections from melodic EDM through Dubstep, ending with memorable and perfectly faded outro. All of this now to the power of KiT, enjoy the extra convenience!

Great background for vlogging / daily vlogs, makeup and beauty tutorial, lifestyle advice, unboxing and product reviews, computer and technology tutorials, digital marketing, traveling, food, fashion, catwalks and many more! Download the preview and check it out!

Zip contains:

1_Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop (Demo 1) – 3:09
2_Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop (Demo 2) – 2:08
3_Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop (Demo 3) – 2:53

01_INTRO_Start – 0:15
02_CHORUS_1 – 0:15
03_CHORUS_MoreHats – 0:15
04_BRIDGE_Melody – 015
05_DUBSTEP_1 – 0:15
06_DUBSTEP_Filtered – 0:15
07_LONG_PreChorus – 0:32
08_VERSE_1 – 0:15
09_VERSE_2_More – 0:15
10_VERSE_2_Filtered – 0:15
11_BRIDGE – 0:15
12_OUTRO – 0:23

Link to the original: Uplifting Summer Upbeat Sports Pop !!