Dystopian Unsettling Electronica Pack

Dystopian Unsettling Electronica Pack


Five dark ambient tracks with an underlying sense of dread.

These pieces could accompany:

- Dystopian futuristic films
- Sci fi films, alien planets, horror films
- Scenes of corruption and darkness in dramas, documentaries, podcasts
- Black Mirror-style technology-based thrillers


Strange Planet 3:19 (starts at 0:00)

Mysterious, dark ambient piece.

Evoking the unsettling, ominous and disturbing soundtracks of atmospheric films such as David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, this dreamy, tense piece creates a dark sense of unease and impending danger while also conveying beauty and atmosphere.

Rising Anger Tense Ambient Build 1:59 (starts at 3:19)

Tense, building synth texture with an ominous tone.

Ambient ripples, distorted synth pads and ominously chiming bells combine to create a sinister, evil atmosphere with a sense of danger and malice.

Optimistic Growing Sunrise 0:54 (starts at 5:19)

Tense, aggressive and percussive music for an action scene or thriller.

Pulsing drones and heavy percussion are offset by dark, angry string pads. This music would perfectly accompany chase scenes, fight scenes, moments of chaos and fear in action films.

Alien Life 0:42 (starts at 6:14)

Disturbing ambient piece with detuned piano.

In this unsettling piece, the dark, modal piano melody is framed against a haunting, ambient electronic background to create an unnerving, sinister- even frightening- juxtaposition in your projects. The ghostly, creepy ambience of the simple tune is good when accompanying sinister, creepy and claustrophobic scenes across a wide range of genres. Whether you are aiming to evoke suburban ennui to the point of madness, creeping terror in an isolated rural community or disharmony within a community or household, this music will help powerfully convey this intangible disquiet in a unique, understated way.

Tense Dramatic Future 5:06 (starts at 6:56)

Ominous, tense electronic piece.

This atmospheric, driving electronica track suggests a sense of time running out, tension and impending peril. A dramatic, anxious sounding modern piece with a sense of momentum and pace, this piece will imbue your pieces with drama and emotion.

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