Dubstep to Triumph

Dubstep to Triumph

Electronic and symphonic hybrid track “Dubstep to Triumph” has constant uprising harmonic development that creates the feeling of total concentration, goal-oriented confidence, firmness and strength. This royalty free dubstep track features massive drums, wobble bass, glitches and synths that arrive into the glorious triumph with symphonic stings and epic brass section. Magnificent, straightforward confident and unstoppable!

Several versions included with the download:

1. Long version (3:02)
2. Loop 1 (0:25)
[starts at 3:03 on the preview, plays two times]
3. Loop 2 (0:25) [starts at 3:53 on the preview. plays two times, ends with Tape Stop Effect]
4. Tape Stop Effect (0:02)
5. No Intro version (2:07)
[starts at 4:48 on the preview]

Tips: You can easily extend the length of the track to fit your production by using the included loops. Loop 1 is allowing you to expand the first section of the Long version’s intro. Loop 2 is going to fit in the beginning of the No Intro version (or into the corresponding bars of the Long version). Tape Stop Effect allows you to make an organic sudden cut nearly at any point or nicely end the loops, if you are using them alone.

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