Impulsive Dubstep

Impulsive Dubstep


This track “Impulsive Dubstep” is a very modern and powerfull dubstep track. The inspirational, uplifting, driving, motivational and agressive mood fits just perfect in the background of any Video looking for the right amount of, power, energy, and impact. The track is constantly moving upwards untill a very fat and agressive drop, perfect for advertising, vlogs, game trailer or any kind of action video sequences.

Structure of the Track:

Impulsive Dubstep is written in F-Minor at a tempo at 150bpm.
The track starts with an intro full of tension and powerfull and modern effects. From here the track constantly builds untill the super energetic fat drop. Just perfect for any kind of Trailer Music like Games, Sport Scenes or Action Scenes in movies. Than it gives the listener a short break with a nice mysterious but energetic atmosphere. Big and modern risers lead untill the next Drop, ready to crush anything in its way. Than the next Break sneaks in and leads to the final Drop. After that the song comes to an modern and cool end.

Included Versions:

01. To The Point Version (1:50) | 0:00 – 1:50
02. Straight To The Point Version (1:37) | 1:57 – 3:31
03. Song Version (2:51) | 3:38 – 6:28
04. Logo Version (0:12) | 6:38 – 6:49
05. Custom Predrop Version (1:50) | 7:03 – 9:00

Custom Service:
If you dont like the Predrop “Oh my God” Scream you simply can use the 05. Custom Predrop Version. In here you dont find any Predrop Noise. Here youre abelt to put in your own Scream or whatever type of sound. If youre not able to do it on your own, simply drop me an email and i will help you out.

If you want to rearrange the track i highly recommend you wait untill the so called Music Kit Version is available here on Audiojungle. If you wont to be informed when the Music Kit Version is available simply follow me here on Envato or on the other social media channels. This way you wont miss the update.

YouTube usages:
To make your life easier without any concerns using my songs on Youtube, please visit , enter your video URL, copy/paste in the contents of your License Certificate and state that you have licensed music by “MarcosBatallaBrosig”. Claims are usually cleared within a few hours. If you struggle to do it please feel free to contact me directly and i will help you out. For all other questions please also contact me via my authors page or simply drop me an email @

Hello VideoHive authors:
If you like to use one of my songs in one of your next AfterEffects or Motion projects i will be more than happy to help you out.

Please do the following:
01. Please download the preview file of the track.
02. Add the audio into your project and add music credits somewhere (in the project or the description).
03. Put a link in the description with our full name. For example: Music by: Marcos Batalla Brosig” Dubstep Power“

Please dont forget to let me know that you have used the song in one of your projects so that i can promote it on my AudioJungle profile and social channels!

Thanks and best regards
Marcos Batalla Brosig