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I hope you like it !

You have great talent !

Nice work! Wish you many sales.
Thank you for choosing my music and your kind words.

Thank you ^^

Hi! I’m interested in this file, but I would just like effects without the dubstep music. is it possible?

Unfortunately not. The project file was lost, so I can’t make edits. I can create everything from scratch, but it would cost $200.

Yep, considering the length, that would be the price. Custom track of length between 1-4 minutes starts from $1000 and depending on complexity and exclusivity can reach $5000 and beyond. These are my rates and they are pretty moderate.

Thanks for the comment!

Hey there! I like your work. There multiple YouTubers I follow that use this as their intro music. Unfortunately, one of them (the largest one, actually, with 283,000 subscribers) seems to be using the preview file rather than the paid file. It’s bothered me for months and I’ve commented about it to the YouTuber once or twice without receiving a response. I thought you ought to know, so I filtered through AudioJungle’s most popular idents until I found your work.

Anyway, I really like the guy and it’s likely just an accident on his part, but I thought you ought to know.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it.

Hello. Nice track, i used it in my last videohive template. Thanks

Looks good! Thank you for choosing my music.