Drone Footage Pack

Drone Footage Pack

ambient music for drone video

Beautiful ambient atmospheric music. Rich and deep pads with sound textures ideal for drone video or any scale panorama photo and video.

All versions in both formats: WAV & MP3.

Pack contains 4 tracks:

  1. Air – 2:53 (in preview from start)
    Ambient atmospheric track with rich pads and textures. A lot of space and air. Music builds throughout the track with an inspirational ending. The majestic, contemplative meditative mood. A great choice for large-scale panoramic video, drone video, projects about nature and travels, beauty Scandinavia and northern landscapes.
    • Version_A – Full mix (2:53)
    • Version_B – Short edit (1:30)
    • Version_C – Bonus choir edit (0:48)

  2. Around The World – 2:57 (in preview from 2:53)
    Very positive energetic track in the style of indie synth-pop with trendy vocal samples. Rhythmic and ambient guitar create an inspiring atmosphere upbeat. Perfect for modern advertising video any type. Excellent choice for drone video with nature.
    • Version_A – Full mix (2:57)
    • Version_B – Short edit (1:55)
    • Version_C – Shorter edit (1:23)

  3. Ocean Ambient – 2:47 (in preview from 5:50)
    Ambient atmospheric music with dreamy and relaxing mood. Soft sound of drops with galaxy pads and sound textures.This music suitable for many purposes. Perfect background for underwater video, scale drone video from height. First choice for documentary about ocean and nature. Good for promo diving safari, background of any relaxing and meditative video. Also suitable for slide shows, business animations, technology media projects
    • Version_A – Full mix (2:47)
    • Version_B – Short edit (1:32)
    • Version_C – Soft edit (2:56)

  4. Summer Chillout Lounge – 2:26 (in preview from 8:40)
    A positive atmospheric and dreamy track with elements of chill-out and fashion lounge music. Sunshine and resting mood on the tropical beach.Perfect choice for summer tourism advertisement, panorama and nature drone video, summer entertainment videos, bar and chill zones, fashion shows, lifts and markets, commercial, slideshow.
    • Version_A – Full mix (2:26)
    • Version_B – Short edit (1:21)

Feel good and have a nice day!

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