Dream Your Dream

Dream Your Dream


This is an ambient, relaxing and beautiful track that builds nicely from start to end. It is based on a crisp strumming acoustic guitar and flavored with some nice bells, piano, drums and bass. The song features a simple vocal line but comes without it if that’s in the way of your intentions with your project. The music would be great for your advert, presentation, YouTube clip, TV- or film project. The item comes in four different versions to make it more suitable for your needs.

Dream Your Dream; 2:39 (Starts at 0:00 in the preview)
Dream Your Dream (No Vocals) 2:39 (Starts at 2:39 in the preview)
Dream Your Dream (Short); 1:04 (Starts at 5:17 in the preview)
Dream Your Dream (Short, No Vocals); 1:04 (Starts at 6:22 in the preview)

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